About Us

My name is Suzie and this is my blog about home education ideas. I am so blessed to have a wonderful husband who works with me to home educate our three children together. I share our learning ideas, activities, printables and what I learn from my children along the way. My husband and I have three amazing children who we just adore. Our first child, a son, is nine years old, our daughter (middle child) is five years old and our youngest, also a daughter, is four years old.


You can read about how we structure our learning day, what our first learning space looked like and more recently, how our learning room is set up. 

Before my husband and I had children we came across the idea of home education. Once our son was born, we decided that one of us would always be a stay-at-home parent so that we could raise our children with our own views, morals and guidelines rather than putting them under the care of someone else. So we started educating our son at home. 

By the time our son was four years old, we were about to have our second child. Our son had some speech-delays and we were advised to put him into preschool to help develop his speech as he had been an only child up until then. He was happy to attend for the most part but looking back on it now, we have much regret about doing this. 

The following year we put our son into a private school to start his Kindergarten year. We were nervous about doing so as we felt as though he was not ready. We soon discovered that we were right...school wasn't working for our son. After a few weeks, he didn't want to go to school anymore and become very anxious and stressed. I watched my happy little boy turn into a miserable, angry child and it broke my heart. Just after our third child was born, we registered to home educate and never sent him back to school.

We had some very tough days during the first few weeks of our home education journey. To begin with I had a lot of learning, or unlearning I should say, to do and my son, who was very negative toward learning anything, needed the time to 'deschool'. We took each day at a time, cried when we needed to and started networking with other homeschoolers for support and encouragement.
We have been home educating for over four years now and it has been an amazing journey of discovery and learning for both my husband and I as well as our children. Our children are thriving, they are happy, healthy, learning and playing. They have having the childhood that we always imaged our children having. Our two youngest children, our daughters, have never been to school and we have no intention of ever sending them. Our children are friends, for the most part, and we are so thankful we finally followed our instincts and home educate our children.

There are always going to be those who disagree with our decision to home educate but as long as our children are happy and learning, we will continue our journey of learning together.


  1. I feel like I could have spoken these words!

  2. I am always saddened to hear of unsupportive schools and draconian attitudes to children. I totally admire families who homeschool and respect that choice to be a valid educational choice. Thank you for sharing!